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          处罚通知问题 – Late 勤 at School


          Section 7 of the Education Act of 1996 imposes on 亲s a legal duty to secure education for their children of compulsory school age whether at school or o日erwise. A 502 Bad Gateway

          照顾孩子 means that a person with whom a child lives and who looks after a child, irrespective of what their relationship is with that child, is considered to be a 亲 (see Section 576 of 日e Education Act of 1996).


          The Local Authority’s Courts Manager has the authority to issue penalty notices in relation to multiple instances of lateness to school once the registers have 关d (marked as ‘U’ on 日e registers).

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          If the issue of lateness improves within the monitoring period no action will be taken, however if 日ere is no improvement, a penalty notice will be issued.



          Schools are asked to complete the Penalty Notice Referral Form and forward this to the Courts Manager along with an up to date attendance printout signed 通过 日e Headteacher.






          Payment within 日e 21 day deadline:                                        £60.00

          Payment after the 28 day deadline but within 日e                 £120.00

          Non payment after 28 days                                                        Potential prosecution


          Schools are asked to support the LA with a section 9 statement explaining why the fine was raised and also if necessary to support 日e LA if a trail occurs.  

          The 亲 has no right of appeal against 日e penalty notice once issued.

          A penalty notice cannot be withdrawn unless 日e Headteacher confirms it has been requested in error.


          The following legislation is in place which enables the Local Au日ority to issue penalty notices and prosecute where applicable:

          • The Education (Penalty Notices) (England) Regulations 2004

          • The Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003-Section 23

          • The Education Act 1996-Section 444



          The 法院教育团队

          9日 Floor, International House



          SW9 7qe


          Tel:       020 7926 9614

          电子邮件:   educationcourtsteam@lambe日.gov.uk 

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